Easy Sugar Coated and Toasted Pecans Recipe

November 14, 2017

           Hi friends! So you know those candied pecans that you buy at the grocery store for your salad? Well, did you know that they are super easy to make all you need is 3 ingredients. All of which most people have in their pantry and fridge. I made these yummy Cinnamon and Sugar Coated Toasted pecans and shared them. Everyone loved them. So here's the recipe.

1 cup of sugar
a teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon of cinnamon
(or if you are me a lot more)
16 ounces of pecans 
1 egg white
a quarter cup of water 
Preheat oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit 

In a bowl, separate the egg whites from the yolk & discard yolk or save it for another meal.  Add the water to the egg white and whisk until its frothy. Pour in the Pecans and stir. In a separate bowl mix the sugar, salt and cinnamon together. Add to pecan mixture. 
Prepare a baking sheet for your pecan mixture and place it in the oven for approximately 20-25 minutes. Stir a couple times for even toasting. When Pecans are done let them cool and you can shake a little more cinnamon or sugar if you want extra coating. And then enjoy! Note* you don't have to use pecans. You can use walnuts or pecans too.
I added some to my salad for dinner and you can share it too. I put mine in a glass jar with a rose gold lid from Hobby Lobby (I plan on getting more of these for my house) and added a white bow.  Thank you for coming by and reading.

Let's Flamingo

November 13, 2017

        So, if you're  loving Lilly's new button down Elsa Tops raise your hand! Hand raised over here! I  love this new look. And this print with flamingos on it is my favorite. I actually bought it on sale at Lilly Pulitzer in Winter Park.  I hope that they continue to make this style. It can be dressed up or down. And if its cool outside you can add a cardigan or a puffer vest.  I wore mine with a white skirt and my copper jacks for an easy put together look and I got some compliments.
By the way who shopped Lilly's birthday with the gift with purchase? I bought the cutest top which I'll be styling soon. I'd love to know what you bought. Feel free to leave a comment and thank you for stopping by and reading.

Sweater Weather

November 1, 2017

      So Florida has finally had some fall weather.  And I'm soooo excited!!!! Its been in the low to mid 70's during the day and the 50's at night. I've been able to wear all of my favorite sweaters including this new one from Lilly Pulitzer Sweater its actually the girls Ramona sweater in a bright coral color.  Since I live in Florida wearing bright colors is acceptable.
I love the fringe detail and the loose comfortable fit. Its also super soft.  I actually layered my fuzzy monogrammed vest over it on an evening downtown.

We are supposed to be getting more of this beautiful weather. I can't wait share more Florida Sweater Weather outfits with you. Thank you so much for Stopping by and reading.

Pumpkin white chocolate milk Recipe

October 31, 2017

           I was in the mood for something sweet and festive this week.  And I wanted to include my family too. With our cool Florida nights, this Pumpkin white chocolate milk its not only festive but it satisfies your sweet tooth without being overly rich.  FUN FACT about me I DO NOT like chocolate but I do like white chocolate every once in a while.  Which isn't really chocolate ( I also worked at a chocolate shop making chocolates in High school. Odd right?!)  so now for this delicious recipe.

This recipe serves 4 
1 cup of Pumpkin puree
3 cups of whole milk
1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract
1 teaspoon of Pumpkin Pie spice
half a cup of white chocolate
a pinch of salt
cinnamon for garnish or if you like cinnamon like me use almost the whole jar, JK lol. 🤣
In a sauce pan heat milk, pumpkin pie spice, pinch of salt, pumpkin puree and pure vanilla extract until it gets almost to a boil. Add white chocolate chips. Pour in your mug and top with whipped cream and garnish with cinnamon. And serve!  I hope that you enjoy it as much as my family and I have. And thanks for stopping by and reading.

Eternal Life

October 28, 2017

     The past few days has been so sad for my Family and I.  We lost a loved one, who was actually named after my mom, Pamela Denise.  After reflecting on all of the memories and crying and comforting each other.  I wanted to write a devotional on our Hope of Eternal Life.  We all know that we can't stay here on earth forever, but the good news is that Jesus came to give us a true hope of Eternal Life.  In John 10:28 Jesus says, And I give unto them Eternal Life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.  This gives me comfort knowing that one day I will be with Jesus, my family and friends and we will live eternally.  And I never have to worry about being sad or crying ever again. This is the whole reason Jesus came was to take away sin and death. He was the first conquer death and He lives forever more. And I can't wait to meet my Blessed Savior someday soon.
In loving memory of my cousin and friend Pamela Denise. I love you and I miss you. I'm going to miss seeing you and you filling me in on all the latest family gossip and our late night talks. My heart aches. 💔 Remember to never take your loved ones for granted. Love on them everyday.

If it doesn't move Monogram it!

October 23, 2017

                 Hi Friends! So, on my visit to Hyde Park in Tampa, I did a little shopping with my sister.  And she found this super cute bag at Vineyard Vines.  She thought it would be perfect for days at theme parks and traveling. And I totally agreed, so I purchased it.  I also thought it would be even cuter monogrammed.  Because you know " if it doesn't move, monogram it," thats my motto.  This bag is super high quality!  The design is a classic navy and white stipe with touches of pink. Accents of chambray and the rope detail gives a nice nautical touch as well. I'm loving the champagne colored thread I chose.  Its so pretty in person.

As you all know, I'm always on the go so I can't wait to bring this cutie on a work trip to Georgia this week.   Thank you for stopping by and reading.   Feel free to subscribe and leave a comment, I love hearing from you all.

Lilly Head band and Top Knots

October 19, 2017

     Hi Friends!  Thanks for stopping by! So I was recently shopping and noticed a really pretty headband from Lilly and I noticed that you can tie it.  I was ecstatic!!!  I know you are probably thinking, " Really! Over a headband!"  But, let me explain. I rarely can wear any hair accessories because they usually are too big.  Small head problems, lol.
I decided to put my hair up in a super top knot or bun. And I loved it, I have really curly and textured hair so styles like this look best on me.  Its my new favorite accessory. Its bright and colorful my two favorite things.

Autumn Energy Bar Recipe

October 17, 2017

      Hi There!  So, we all know that I like to cook and eat healthy, as much as possible. ( Never mind my frequent chick-fil-a stops that doesn't count.) I also love healthy snacks for my busy on the go life.  So, I recently was given a non-cooking snack bar recipe and I wanted to share it with you.  I tweaked mine according to what I had in my kitchen and my personal taste.  Let me know if you make this delicious energy bar.  I filled mine with some yummy autumn inspired ingredients. Like Pumpkin seeds and cranberries.

Here's my version of this recipe.
1 cup dried cranberries with less sugar added 
half cup of chopped pecans
a third cup sunflower seeds
a third cup of pumpkin seeds
half cup of dried fruit ( I used apricots, figs & plum)
a tablespoon of flax seed
a tablespoon in a half of honey
1 tablespoon of sesame seeds
    In a food processor or blender, pulse the dried fruit, pecans, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds until very finely chopped.  Add the dried Cranberries, flaxseed, sesame seeds, pulse mixture and honey and stir it until it starts to form a ball.  Prepare a piece of parchment paper to fit a small pan approximately 8x8 and press mixture very firmly into into prepared dish with lightly greased fingers.  Cover with a plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours.  Afterwards cut into about 6-8 bars.  You can store it in a container for up to 2 weeks or place in cellophane bags with a bow and share it or bring it with you for an  between meeting snack like I did. I love this super easy recipe and will be making it again really soon. Thank you for stopping by and reading.

A Day in Hyde Park

October 3, 2017

          Hello from Sunny Florida!  Speaking of Florida, you all may know by now that I'm a native Floridian going waaaaay back. I love my home state and I also love exploring different cities and places in Florida.  So, I was thrilled when I got to visit Hyde Park Village in Tampa.  Its an adorable  Shopping District in historic Hyde Park with Shopping and Restaurants.  And mind you, I LOVE visiting historic areas in every city I visit.  So first things first, you guessed it, Coffee.
           This was our first time visiting Buddy Brew, Ive always wanted to go there and I finally got to.  My sister got her favorite iced vanilla latte and I got a pumpkin latte with cinnamon on top.  I love the vibes and the design in the coffee shop as well. Coffee shop design is one of my favorites, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to it.  Lol!
After Coffee we explored and did lots of shopping. We visited some of my favorite places like Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, and Vineyard Vines and many more. 
I love a town with good restaurants. And as you may know, I love Bartaco and eat there as much as I possibly can. After walking off our delicious meals. We went looking for desert.  My sister wanted a cupcake at Sprinkles cupcakes and I went for a fruit popsicle at Hyppo. 

Last but definitely not least. I had to stop by and get some flowers to take home with me. Because ya know, I'm a flower lover.  My first visit to Hyde Park was great! I look for to more visits in the near future.  Special thanks to Gabby and Hyde Park for having my sister and I at beautiful Hyde Park. 

Weekday Relaxation

September 25, 2017

      Hi friends, Happy Monday! I thought I'd pop in with a post about those super rare weekdays that I get off work early and have nothing to do but lounge around.  Mind you I did say rare. My schedule is always crazy busy with traveling for work, working on assignments or catching up on everyday household things.  So I love those moments when I'm all caught up and I can just sit and enjoy the moment.

   During the Lilly After Party sale I purchased this beautiful silk robe. Its by far my favorite purchase . Its so soft and comfortable
It makes me want to curl up and go to bed at a decent time, instead of past midnight like I normally do. I also like to give myself a lot more time in devotional instead of rushing through. And spend more time with God who provides everything for me. I even like to make time for a good book. If you have any special things that you like to do on a rare not so busy work week feel free to let me know. Thank you for stopping by and reading.

A walk to South Beach

September 17, 2017

       Hi from sunny Florida! And boy am I so happy to say sunny Florida. After experiencing Hurricane Irma I was so ready for some sunshine. Just before Irma hit Florida my family and I took a 2 day Labor Day weekend trip to South Beach Miami where we stayed on the beach.

I decided to wear my blue and white striped wrap cover up to the beach and to dinner afterwards for a chic look. It was so comfortable too

The beach down there is so beautiful. It makes me so happy that I  live in such a beautiful state. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading, feel free to leave a comment. I love hearing from you.

Followers of God

September 16, 2017

       Hi There! Todays devotional is all about following God.  Sometimes, we as humans can be followers, but not of things we should be.  Ephesians 5:1&2 states.  Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling savor.   I always want to follow God's perfect way and walk in love. And trust his way, just like a child, they trust everyone and are sensitive and will follow so easily. Besides, God's way is always best. I know its a short devotional but I wanted to write this today to encourage you to follow God. Have a great day. 

My After Party Sale 2017 Purchases

August 28, 2017

     Hi There! I thought I'd pop in with a little peak at what I purchased Thus far, from the APS.
Here's Round one!

This Bonita Clutch Bag almost slipped out of my hands. But, I managed to get it in my cart before it got away.
This Marin Ombre Sweater Wrap is actually still available. I've Been eyeing this since it came out. And its in my favorite color,  so I grabbed this for the autumn/winter time here Florida.  Originally $108 marked down to $39!!!!!!
Round two purchase! This gorgeous  Palm Beach silk robe was definitely on my wishlist. Too bad I didn't have it on my Palm Beach vacation a couple weeks ago.  This is it for now. If I purchase anything else, I'll update this post. What did you get I'd love to know. Happy shopping!!!

My Lilly After Party Sale Tips

August 26, 2017

    Hi there!!!! As we all patiently await one of the biggest sales Lilly has during the summer the other in the winter.  I thought I'd share a few of my tips for shopping the Lilly sale successfully and sanely, may I add. I've been shopping the sale for a few years now and I wanted to share some things I've learned.
So first,  setup an account and have your credit card and mailing address info all ready to go, so that when you check out you are all ready to go. I've also found that before they open the website you can't log in because they're getting the site ready for the sale. So its best if you have your info all ready. 
Secondly,  have a list of things you really want or even need and save the extra shopping for after or even better just stick to your list so that you are not over spending. I find if I have a list, I tend to go straight to that category and checkout quickly, instead of browsing through all of the categories. 
Thirdly,  know your size. I know this seems like a silly tip, but I learned this lesson from the last sale.  I bought a top that I had been wanting since it released last spring. And I found that I was a little snug in the bust area. Thankfully, it has buttons so I was able to make due and leave a few buttons open. So if you can try on certain styles in the stores to see if how they fit because remember you can't return these items.
Fourth tip, try to plan a free morning  if you can because the virtual line, once the site opens, can be quite long.

Last but not least, have fun! Don't stress! Remember it's just a sale. And there's always Signature stores and corporate stores that participate in the sale too. And I've found the signature stores have much better prices sometimes. Over the years I've shopped all venues.  Living in Florida theres always a Lilly nearby so I would stop by or call and they'd ship to me. 
What's on your list this year? Feel free to leave a comment of what you plan on getting. I'd love to know.  I'm sticking to my small list this year and not going too overboard. And possibly shopping locally, so that I have my items the same day. Because I have more vacation time and a blogging event coming up soon. 
Happy Shopping the Lilly After Party Sale. Be sure to grab your favorite Lilly cup and your favorite drink, your laptop and enjoy. Hopefully these were good tips.

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