Color Blocking with Jewel tones

January 15, 2018

                  I LOOOOOVE wearing color! The more color the better to me. So I recently was looking through my closet and was trying to style some outfits. And I decided to do some color blocking. I had this magenta Elsa top for a few years and its so vibrant and one of my favorites- I took my new turquoise colored fringe cardigan that I bought during the APS Preview sale and paired them together. They both have beautiful jewel tones which is perfect for winter time and I paired them with my new leopard Kate Spade slides and my black work skirt to ground all of the color and called it a day!

Don't be afraid to mix patterns and colors. Live outside the color and style box. Thanks for stopping by.

Let your light shine

January 13, 2018

        Hello Everyone! I recently seen a phrase that said " You will never influence the world by trying to be like it!"And that statement is so true.  If you are wanting to make a positive difference in the world- you can't blend in. The Bible also says something similar and more powerful because Jesus said it first! Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
      This verse inspires me because as I see the moral declining state of our society- I am more determined to shine and reflect Christ; not only through my words, but my actions. As a Christian I'm determined to not blend in with society and go along with whats trendy & accepted, but to present my self as Christ would. And to promote what is right and  NOT what we feel. We all have feelings but that doesn't mean its always right.
Part of my 2018 focus for myself is to shine brightly and to not blend in; To maintain my morals and class; and glorify my Heavenly Father. I hope that this devotional was helpful & inspiring. Blessings!

Maxi Moment

January 11, 2018

    you knowhow some people have a signature look? Well, mine are maxis- I just love Maxis! They fit me better and they compliment my build. During the Lilly APS I wanted to buy all of the maxis, but restrained myself and bought this one that I missed last sale. The texture is almost like a scrunched seersucker fabric- so light and flowy. Perfect for warmer days which we actually had these last 2 days. I paired it with an older white cardigan from Lilly that I bought a few APS ago- for the cooler evenings.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading.

Winter Brights

January 7, 2018

       Hi There! During this recent Lilly Pulitzer APS, I bought the last Silk Florida Pippa scarf in store & My it sure is pretty!!!! For this post I styled it as a bag accessory, a neck tie and a wrist tie. I plan on doing some fun print mixing ( Be on the look out for a picture on my insta!) The colors are so vibrant and. the print reflects my home state so perfectly. I'm debating on framing it as art. What are your thoughts?
This scarf is also a perfect way to accessorize in bright colors in the winter time. When all of the trees and flowers are frozen over- I love sprinkling the world with color year round. Thats what I love about Lilly- you can wear bright happy colors all year.
This scarf would add so much character to a classic Navy top as well, if you work in a more color conservative atmosphere.

Thank you for stopping by and reading. I hope that you enjoyed this post.

Cashmere & Cold Weather

January 5, 2018

         Brrrr.... the last few days in Florida has been extremely cold- the coldest winter we've had in a really long time- Today it barely got above 5o degrees. So I've been living in sweaters and wearing beanie hats to stay warm. I recently picked up this adorable cashmere sweater from Lilly Pulitzer. It was on sale for the Lilly Pulitzer winter After Party Sale that just ended. I picked this up in store; it is so soft and warm. I've been wearing this on repeat since I bought it Tuesday.
I wore it Wednesday to Bible and layered it with a fuzzy ivory monogrammed vest for a put together look.
I love the details: sequins, jewels and fringe trim.
 I even wore it at my moms while I did some Lilly APS shopping. lol. See, I told you that I love this sweater and have been wearing it alot.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. Stay warm!

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