Tacos Everyday

July 23, 2017

       Whoever said tacos are only for Tuesday's was sadly mistaken! Tacos are one of my favorite foods. So when Bartaco reached out to me for a promo of their secret taco this summer Lobster with hominy and butter. I definitely jumped at that opportunity and said Yesssss!!!!! My family and I love Bartaco we even made it apart of our must have list when we were on vacation in Atlanta.
We started out with chips and Guacamole which is always a good idea.

The Lobster taco was so tasty and I love lobster especially drizzled in hot butter. And its the perfect meal for summer. My family and I also tried their freshly made mint lemonade for the first time It was sooo delicious. We sat outside surrounded by the beautiful flowers and surprisingly there was a nice breeze here in Florida. The Bartaco team was so nice and helpful.
Last but definitely not least we had dessert. My little sister had the churros with chocolate sauce and my mom and I had vanilla ice cream. I was one happy girl. Thank you so much Bartaco and team and our sweet waitress Taylor for this great experience. See ya soon!

Angels to watch over me

July 15, 2017

            Hi There! So yesterday(Friday) I had a couple meetings North of where I live and most of the time I take the Interstate and then sometime I take a different route. Yesterday I took the interstate back home. I was just ending two different phone calls one work related and the other my mom. In the distance I seen lots of black smoke and the first thing I thought was that there was a fire in the Prairie or forest until traffic stopped. And I sat in one spot for  over 2 hours. A lot of fire trucks, ambulances and state troopers came rushing by and then I thought something really bad must've happened. Eventually Officials got traffic moving and I had seen the aftermath of a horrible accident . Later that day I found out the details which I won't expound on here because its very sad. But, one person did pass away among the 9 injured. My whole reason for writing this post is that the accident happened minutes prior to my arrival and I'm very Thankful for God keeping His Angels all around me and my family and friends. I travel a lot for work and I never know the God planned delays or  detours that happen in my life to keep me from harm. Who knows if God had me eat lunch early in the town I was in instead of coming back home to eat and being apart of the accident.
It also made me be very thankful for life and to not take things for granted. And to enjoy the pretty little things. Psalm91:11 is the one of my favorite Verses. It states For he (God) shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. I pray that God keeps his angels watching over my Family and I and also my friends. We should all pray it. I hope this inspires you and touches your heart. Have a great day and thank you for stopping by and reading.

Lilly's Lemon Yellow

July 12, 2017

Hi There! My local Lilly Pulitzer Store was having a surprise sale and I picked up this Bright Yellow linen top. I love this top its so classy with gold buttons on the side and comfortable too. I paired it with a white skirt and nude heels. I plan on transitioning this top into other seasons with darker bottoms and leopard heels and accessories. But for now this is perfect for Florida summers. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading!

Homemade Body Scrub

July 8, 2017

Hi There! I wanted to share with you my personal homemade body scrub. Its really simple and very moisturizing. It also makes a great gift. So first things first. Find a pretty glass jar, Mine was a preserves jar with a pretty copper lid. Its a little more than 11oz.
Now ingredients:
 1-2 Table spoons of Organic Coconut Oil ( I highly recommend Organic since you are putting it on your skin)
 Half of an Organic Lemon
Half a cup of Sugar
* Any essential oil that you may want to add*
I chose Avocado oil and added a Tablespoon in a half
Mix all of the ingredients together and there you go! I chose the coconut oil because my skin loves it and I use it in place of lotion on days that I don't use my body scrub. The lemon lightens up any scars you may have and the Avocado oil is a natural humectant which means it naturally preserves moisture. Which is great for me because I have dry skin. I also use coconut oil and avocado oil on my hair which is very tight and curly in texture and needs all of the moisture I can give it. *This scrubs is so perfect for me. Adjust this recipe according to your particular  needs and preference. Especially if you have an Allergy to any of these ingredients*

 I love exfoliating with this scrub. It lives my skin feeling super soft and moisturized and don't even have to use Lotion.
 You can store this in your refrigerator up to 7 days. Let me know if you tried it out. And thank you for stopping by.

Psalm 23

July 1, 2017

Happy 4th of July Weekend everyone! I hope its a good one for you so far! I just wanted to write a devotional today on something that I've been thinking about. One of my favorite verses is Psalm 23:6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.
This verse is truly what I pray because its what I want for myself. I want all of God's goodness and mercy to be with as long as I'm alive on this Beautiful Earth that He created. And the last Part of the verse is also dear to me. I want to dwell in God's house or presence for ever. God is always so faithful to me and I want to be thankful and serve Him and live for Him for ever. I never want to leave God. He is the Best Heavenly Father. I hope this encourages you to strive to be faithful to God as he is to us. And to dwell in his Presence For Ever. Have a great 4th of July! And thank you for stopping by and  reading.

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