National Wear Your Lilly Day

June 21, 2017

Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day! AKA the 1st day of summer. Although I think its summer Year round here in Florida with a couple cold days to cool us off. But that's ok, I get cold at 70 degrees (literally). I recently bought This Lilly Pulitzer Maxi skirt while on vacation in Atlanta and you all know how much I love Maxi's. I styled this with a white linen button down tunic from JCrew and tied the front in a knot for more of a chic look which I personally love.This maxi is the perfect length also. Normally I have to get my maxi's hemmed. I'm at the awkward height where I'm not too tall and not to short. But I like to wear my maxi's with sandals sometimes in instead of heels. This is the "Nola" maxi in the fun print "Fan Sea" and it has my favorite color and shade of purple n it. I hope that you have a great summer. And thanks for stopping by!

Florist Shop

June 12, 2017

"I must have flowers always and always"-Claude Monet.My favorite quote! As you all know I absolutely love flowers. I love spending time in my garden. So while I was on vacation in Atlanta I had a special request to visit a beautiful Flower shop downtown Called Le Jardin Francais.The ladies were so lovely and they are so talented. I bought a pink  Peony to bring back to our hotel. The shop is so beautiful as well. I highly recommend going by there and picking up yourself some flowers or buy some for someone. They also offer floral design classes, which I plan on taking on my next visit. Thanks for stopping by and reading. Leave a comment of your favorite flower I would love to know!

Breakfast Ready!!!

June 11, 2017

      HI THERE!!!! Well, As promised I'm writing this blogpost on my Grandma's delicious oatmeal. I know it sounds crazy saying my Grandma makes the BEST oatmeal but it is the truth. My cousin and I have been trying to master it for a little while. And I'm almost there. WooHoo!!! I asked my Grandma who I call "Nanny" what's the secret and the one thing she told me  was to cook it slowly. So here's a slightly revised version of the recipe.I usually make this while I'm getting ready for work or on days I'm working from home because the key is slowly cooking the oatmeal.

 For 1 serving a half cup of oats ( I like the all natural whole Grain Old fashioned oats) with a little less than a cup of water on medium low heat for 10 minutes.
And then I add 3 quarters of a cup of milk and turn it to a medium heat for about 7 minutes. And then I add 1-2 teaspoons of real vanilla extract and 1 tablespoon if you like it sweeter 9 Like my Nanny) add more sugar. I like to watch my sugar intake. And for the last 3 minutes have it on high. I add nuts and fruit for extra vitamins and protein and because I love it. Let me know if you try this recipe and if you like it. And thanks for stopping by.

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