New White Bedding

March 30, 2017

    Hi There! I recently bought all new bedding right  down to the mattress pad, which I highly recommend, especially a high quality one. I love white bedding it makes everything look so crisp ,clean and bright. And I love to pop it with some color throughout the seasons,but sometimes I like to layer with a variety of whites and or the same white and different textures.
my duvet is from Pottery Barn its their PB essentials 300 thread count and Certified OEKO-TEX 100% Egyptian SUPER SOFT!!!! This is my first time ever having a duvet and let me say I'm hooked. I love it! My bed is so comfortable!
This time I decided to do an all white or a few shades of white with texture and some metallic bedding arrangement. My throw pillows are from a variety of my favorite places. And the  single monogram on my Euro shams adds a personal touch. I highly recommend adding textures to your white bedding to keep it interesting. And it's ok to mix new and old pieces. The coverlet at the end of my bed  is a creamy white with Ruffles and I've had it for a few years now. It's one of my favorite pieces!

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Infinite Creator

March 25, 2017

Hi There! Today I'm writing a little devotional all about how Infinite God Is!!! Meaning He is not restricted, bound or Limited unlike human beings which are all of those things. But in my experience I have found that if I'm ever worried about anything that's out of my control, I know that God can handle if I pray to him,Because  he is not limited at all. And he can make things happen for my best speedily because he's an Infinite Creator

 Psalm 90:2 Says, Before the mountains were brought forth,or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God. This verse comforts my heart that before the world began God was Everlasting or Infinite. Thank You for stopping by and reading! Have a blessed weekend

A Day In Florida's Oldest City

March 22, 2017

       So, Last Tuesday we took a short trip to St.Augustine,which happens to be one of my favorite places to visit and my family and I visit quite often. We love all the history and scenery. It happens to be the oldest city in the USA! Discovered by Ponce De Leon in 1513! But every time we visit we discover something new. When we visited it happened to be one of the coldest days, for Florida at least. My sister happens to be a mega coffee lover so she suggested we find a nearby coffee shop to warm up. We then walked to "Kookaburra Coffee" which is our new favorite. Its located by the historical Church which is a must see by the way.

My sister and I got their famous Honey Badger Latte. which had honey,Cinnamon and their homemade vanilla. A must try if you plan on visiting,

We also took a walk near the historical fort and sat by  the water.Thanks for stopping by and reading!

Spring Break with a side of Kate Spade

March 19, 2017

     My mom had Spring break this past week and usually we all (my Mom, Sister and I) take our annual Atlanta trip, but due to conflicting schedules we decided to head to one of our favorite and oldest towns,St. Augustine. we go there quite a bit. In a different post I'll share some of my favorite places new and old. But my mom wanted to do some shopping so before heading downtown we stopped by the St.Augustine Premium Outlets and did some shopping. Need less to say all three of us walked out of Kate Spade with a purchase or Two!!! Which created my favorite new Motto "A family that shops Kate Spade together stay together."
Mine is the ivory colored with the delicate cutout. My sisters is the pink and popsicle wallet.
The"What's the Scoop?' Is my moms

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